Couple Describes Summer Vacation Nightmare on Flight

A recent American Airlines flight from Dallas to Ontario was forced to land minutes after takeoff due to an engine problem. Now, one Apple Valley girl says she doesn’t know if she’ll ever fly again.

It’s a summer vacation they’ll never forget.

On July 25, the Dome family of Apple Valley boarded an American Airlines flight headed back home from a family reunion in Dallas when something went wrong.

“We just hear this massive explosion and all the electronics went out, the lights went out,” said Valerie Dome. “The plane just massively took a drop, it felt like a free fall.”

“I just thought, 'Oh my God, my whole family, this is it, my whole family is gonna get wiped out from this plane crash,'” Dan Dome said.

Within 30 seconds, the pilot managed to stabilize the MD-80 aircraft and began a return descent back to Dallas.

As soon as the plane landed safely, passengers aboard Flight No. 1986 were put on another plane for Ontario.

But, for the Domes and their children, the incident was too terrifying to board a plane again.

“It was scary. It was my second flight and I don’t know if I’m going to fly again,” said 11-year-old Ashley Dome.

So, they chose to drive a rental car back to Apple Valley.

The Domes learned just hours earlier another American Airlines jet bound for Brazil had engine trouble, also making an emergency return-landing to Dallas. Reports indicate similar American Airlines engine incidents in May, April and February of this year at two other airports.

The Domes say they’ve contacted American Airlines, but have not heard back. However, they did receive an apologetic e-mail from a flight attendant on board, noting the captain that day confirmed engine failure.

The Domes say they want to be compensated for their lost flight home.

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