Super Tall Power Poles Upset Neighbors in Chino Hills

Residents in Chino Hills are Unhappy with the Installation of New Power Poles in their Neighborhood. Each One is Nearly 200' Tall, More than Double the Height of an Average Power Pole

Angry homeowners converged on a cul de sac in Chino Hills after construction Monday night of a massive power pole that now towers over their houses.

"This is not only an eyesore, everybody is concerned about it. Has Edison ever addressed it? They've never come to us and said 'Let us ease your fears and concerns,'" said Keith Cerwinsky, homeowner.

Keith and Yvonne Cerwinsky's house borders a city easement where Edison is installing 14 to 17 of the giant structures. Each stands a staggering 198 feet in the air.

It's a massive project that Southern California Edison said will deliver wind energy from Tehachapi while helping Edison meet renewable energy mandates.

But the unknown health risks that concern some residents.

"I'm very concerned about the health risks to my baby. They've never put anything like this in a residential neighborhood," states Denise Moret, homeowner.

Mayor Ed Graham noted the city spent $2.4 million to develop alternate routes for the giant lines, and even filed for an injunction to stop construction, but the lawsuit has yet to be decided.

Edison said the transmission upgrades are safe, and needed to meet the growing demand for electricity.

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