‘Grime-Fighters': Superheroes Wash Windows of LA Children's Hospital

Batman, Spider-Man, Captain America, Wonder Woman and The Hulk took a day off fighting crime to fight some grime.

Dressing up as superheroes probably wasn't part of the job description for some SoCal window washers when they were hired, but on Tuesday, they did just that to put a smile on the faces of patients at a Los Angeles children's hospital.

Sunland Window Cleaning window washers dressed as Batman, Spider-Man, Captain America, Wonder Woman and The Hulk descended from the roof of Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA to meet patients and their families, hugging smiling children and posing for photos.

Occasionally turning to strike a pose for the children looking on from outside the hospital, the "grime-fighters" washed the windows of patient rooms on a platform.

"It really allows our kids to feel like they are not in a hospital for a short period of time," said Kellye Carroll, director of the Chase Child Life Program at the hospital. "A lot of our kids are here for long periods of time. They can be here for days and weeks and months on end and this gives them the opportunity to forget about the medicines and the doctors and treatments and just be a kid again."

Sunland Window Cleaning, the hospital's window washing vendor, created Superhero Day at UCLA in 2013, donating its time and costumes to entertain the young patients while cleaning the hospital's windows. This is the third year the company has put on "Superhero Day"

 "It just gives our kids a chance to get outside and mingle with some superheroes and feel like superheroes themselves," Carroll said.

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