Surfer Wants Consumers to “Just Chill”

This beverage isn't extreme. It won't send caffeine coursing through your veins and it won't leave you trembling or crashing.

It's supposed to just take the edge off.

The drink, "Just Chill," is the invention of Max Baumann, a Southern California surfer who wanted to make a drink that can calm people down without causing sleepiness.

The Malibu native said the drink was inspired by the long lines and stressed crowds at Los Angeles International Airport.

He and some buddies from his college surf team started the business, joining a small but growing market of relaxation drinks. Some claim to put you to sleep, while others like Just Chill claim to merely provide a calm clarity.

Some of the ingredients in the drink are classified as dietary supplements and are not regulated by the FDA.

Dr. Jonathan Reitman, medical director of Miracles Detox, took a look at the ingredients and didn't see anything that worried him. However, he noted that too much of anything could be harmful, and his concern would be interactions with prescription medication, since those aren't clear.

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