Surfers Fill Tip Jar for Quake Victims

Hey, that bartender looks familiar.

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Who cares if the weather isn't warm and sunny -- it's a great day for a benefit party on the beach.

Surfer Rob Machado will mix drinks at the bar as part of a fundraiser Wednesday for victims of the earthquake in Indonesia.

Bob Hurley, the founder of the clothing company bearing his name in  Costa Mesa, will also serve drinks at A Restaurant, 3334 W. Pacific Coast  Highway, Newport Beach, where he's also an investor. Movie director McG, also  an investor in the restaurant, is also expected to participate.

The benefit will raise money for SurfAid  International and relief efforts in Padang, Sumatra.

"Bob was over there when the earthquake hit," said Barry Pierce, one  of the restaurant's investors who is organizing the fundraiser. "It's life-changing when something like that happens."

Pierce said initially he figured it would just be some surfers drinking  beers and a few hundred dollars would be collected, but the response he has  received has been so fervent he expects lines outside the door.

The fundraiser, which will start at 6 p.m., is pretty simple: Machado  and the others will serve the drinks and there will be a big tip jar on the bar  for donations, Pierce said. 

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