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Suspected Church Shooter Warned Acquaintance of Dying in a ‘Big Event'

A gunman opened fire inside the Geneva Presbyterian Church, 24301 El Toro Road, where a Taiwanese congregation was holding a luncheon to celebrate the return of its former pastor.

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Those who know David Chou say the suspected shooter's life was unraveling. In the months leading up to the church shooting in Laguna Woods, a neighbor and acquaintances told NBC4 that many aspects of his life were going downhill.

A person who asked to not be named for their own safety said Chou made concerning comments in the months prior to the shooting.

"He said he wanted to make a big event, and in doing the big event he will die and other people will die with him because this world is not fair to him," the person said. "He always talked about crazy stuff and so people listened, but didn't even take it seriously."

Balmore Orellana was his neighbor in Las Vegas. Orellana said at first he was friendly but in recent months that changed. Orellana said Chou was the owner of their apartment building, but last year it sold for less than he hoped.

Judi Rock was his realtor. She said the same time as the sale took place, his wife was dying of cancer and his anger grew for Taiwan.

"He doesn't like Taiwan's current situation trying to depart from China, trying to betray the Chinese," Rock said. "Betray Chinese politics and cultures so he stands very strong against the Taiwanese." And on Sunday morning police say Chou walked targeted a Taiwanese congregation in shooting that killed Dr. John Cheng and injured five others.

"My heart went cold. I wonder how could he do this for real?" the unnamed person said.

His former neighbor is still processing the news.

"I feel like his presence is still here, ya know. He was next door. It's that dark feeling that you have," Orellana said. "I can't forgive him. He was my friend. Now he completely ain't. If he did that, he got to rot in jail."

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