Lunchtime Brawl Involving 40 Students Caught on Camera

In cellphone videos making the rounds on social media Monday, 12 officers and a supervisor dispatched by LA Unified School Police can be seen breaking up students fighting at lunchtime on the Sylmar High School campus.

In an email sent to parents, the principal of Sylmar High School, James Lee, notified them that a fight had taken place, and students involved were punished as the investigation continued.

LA Unified School Police said the caught-on-camera brawl lasted 20 minutes and involved 40 students.

Witnesses said everyone walked away, but several students were bloodied and bruised.

A female student, whose identity was withheld due to her age, told NBC4 that everyone was just trying to "back up their friend." She and other students witnessing the brawl said they were just glad it wasn't any worse.

It wasn't immediately clear what led to the lunchtime melee.

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