Taft High School Staffers Reinstated After Investigation

Student hazing investigation continues

Six Taft High School staff members were returned to their positions after being transferred in connection with an investigation into alleged hazing incidents, Superintendent Ramon C. Cortines announced Thursday.
The school's principal, an assistant principal, a dean, two teachers and a school police  officer were removed from the Woodland Hills school last month and transferred to non-school-based positions during an investigation into whether they promptly reported the hazing allegations.
"I met with them individually and collectively today and I discussed the investigation with them," Cortines said. "Based on my conversation with the principal and other members of the administration and staff, I have every confidence that their return will support Taft High School's tradition of excellence."
Cortines did not elaborate on any details.
"Personnel matters, by law, are confidential in the school district," Cortines said. "But I want you to know that we have taken steps to make sure that all employees know the procedure and requirements for reporting either the suspicion of or actual issues that involve the health and welfare of young people.
"The safety and security of all students must come first, but this matter is closed."
The Los Angeles Police Department began an investigation last month "into the circumstances surrounding an alleged pattern of hazing activities involving members of a boys' sports team at" Taft High School, a department spokesman said.
Details of the alleged hazing also were not released. The Los Angeles Times reported that the incident involved members of the boys' volleyball team.

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