Palm Springs

Talked-About Films Rule This Palm Springs Fest

Starry sightings and splashy awards season fare are on the desert docket.

Palm Springs International Film Festival

YOUR MOVIE PLAN... over the holidays? See films, a lot of films, more films than you can fit onto your queue or your calendar or the list you keep on your phone or the scratchpad you scribble on the door. You wanted to take in the mondo blockbusters, the offbeat indies, and all of the movies that are now enrobed in serious awards-type buzz. But? Family time and friend time and food time and all of the other important times that weave through this season happened, and thank goodness, for those are nice and lovely and so essential. But now? The holidays are vamoosing, and one of the biggies of the film fest landscape is on the horizon. It's the...

PALM SPRINGS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, and it will show a slate of star-studded, laud-lovely flicks from Jan. 2 through 13, 2020. The sizable window reveals this is a major happening, but you only need glance at the grid to see this is so, for big films, from "A Marriage Story" to "Motherless Brooklyn" to "Bombshell," will all receive a bit of the limelight. The films will roll out at a lot of spots around the desert resorts, from Regal Cinemas to Palm Springs High School, so keep an eye on locations as you pick what you'd like to see. The host hotel? It's the Hilton Palm Springs, but you're bound to run into film fans, and maybe spy a few notable actors, while hanging out around town. Tickets and grids and movies and all the cine-stuff you require? Find it all here.

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