Taxis Running Amok in Santa Monica

While downtown can't get its taxi program going, Santa Monica has a taxi glut. Last night, the Santa Monica City Council was expected to pull out an emergency vote to stop new taxi drivers from operating. According to locals, there is an excessive number of taxis. More via the Lookout News: "The proposed emergency moratorium would prohibit issuing taxicab licenses or permits for new drivers in the popular beachfront city, which currently has 454 taxicabs and 516 permitted taxicab drivers, more per capita than anywhere else in LA, officials said. What’s more, the cab rates are erratic, the drivers are poorly paid and often nasty and their cars and vans are polluting and clogging the city’s streets, officials said." Nasty cab drivers? Clogging the streets? It almost sounds like a real city. [Lookout News]

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