North Hills Kindergarten Teacher Removed for “Inappropriate Behavior”

A letter dated March 1 notified parents of the Lassen Elementary School teacher's removal

A kindergarten teacher has been removed from Lassen Elementary School after allegations of inappropriate contact with a student, LAUSD officials confirmed Tuesday morning.

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The male teacher was moved to a non-teaching facility during the investigation, LAUSD officials said. It was not immediately clear how long the teacher has been with the district.

Parents were notified of the allegations, the latest in a series involving LAUSD staff members, in a letter dated March 1.

"This letter is to inform you that an allegation has been made of inappropriate behavior involving a staff member," Principal Dana Carter said in the letter. "Upon receiving the information, the proper authorities were notified. As part of the investigation, the employee has been temporarily removed from the school."

The teacher has not been arrested. An LAPD detective was at the school early Tuesday, but did not provide details regarding the case.

Lassen Elementary School is located in North Hills.

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