One of Two Brothers Dies in Street Racing Crash: Police

A 19-year-old died Wednesday night during what San Bernardino police described as a street race between he and his brother.

The crash happened around 10 p.m. when two cars were racing and one car, a 1992 Mitsubishi GT 3000, was switching lanes near Highland Avenue and Macy Street, San Bernardino Police Lt. Rich Lawhead said.

When the Mitsubishi moved from the westbound lane into the eastbound lane, it struck a Toyota Corolla with three passengers inside, Lawhead said.

Lawhead said the street race appeared to be between two brothers.

"Very seldom do we run across professional drivers," Lawhead said. "And it's difficult to stop something that weighs 3,000 plus pounds when it's moving at a high rate of speed."

The driver of the Mitsubishi, Mark Anthony Jimenez, 19, died at the scene, officials said.

The three passengers in the Toyota suffered severe trauma during the crash and were rushed into surgery for internal injuries, police said. The 23-year-old driver of the Toyota was in critical condition, but police said all three are expected to survive.

Police are asking any witnesses or anyone with information about the crash to call Detective Peck at 909-384-5664.

Michelle Valles contributed to this report.

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