Thanksgiving Travel Rush Sees Light at the End of The Tunnel

As the end of the peak Thanksgiving travel rush approaches, the majority of travelers are heading back home Sunday.

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The "peak" of the Thanksgiving travel rush is behind us.

Most travelers made their way back home Sunday, making it the busiest day of the week in the air and on the ground.

Its been a busy holiday travel week, and it’s wrapping up at LAX, with an estimated 215,000 people who’ve traveled through the airport just Sunday.

Many travelers are back home after spending Thanksgiving with loved ones.

"We went to Houston to see our kids and grandkids," said Cathy Anderson who landed at LAX bright and early on Sunday morning. "It wasn’t bad at all. When we came back, we got an early flight and got back just in time."

Just in time to dodge the crowds during the busiest travel day of the Thanksgiving season.

Nearly 55 million people, nation-wide, were expected to travel 50 miles or more from their homes, according to AAA, making it the third busiest Thanksgiving since 2000.

"We’ve seen the increase in people, definitely here in the US, we’re coming from Latin America, much more quiet there.”

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