The Aquarium's Eeriest Week

The Scarium -- er, aquarium -- throws a Halloween-y kind of bash.

Some of our Halloween costume choices can be pretty scary and hairy, but the bulk of them are human or human-inspired. Even vampires and werewolves and monsters resemble we bipeds in several recognizable ways.

But how does one even begin constructing a sea cucumber costume? Or that internet superstar, a creature beloved for its apparent sad-faced demeanor, the blob fish? The ocean's denizens can out-strange even the most supernatural of land-based characters.

Which makes the Aquarium of the Pacific's annual Halloween bash all the more fun. Many kids show up as sharks, seahorses, and the occasional Nemo, but some take on the really challenging get-ups, like the jellies and shrimp.

Seriously, anyone who shows in a shrimp outfit is probably a person you want as a friend.

It's called Scarium at the Aquarium, and, as is tradition, it happens the weekend prior to Halloween. That's Saturday, Oct. 26 and Sunday, Oct. 27.

A costume contest, various Halloween-meets-H20-themed to-dos, "eerie animals" on view, and underwater pumpkin carving fill out the weekend.

Cost? Just general admission, so that's not scary at all.


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And if you're really up for the whole eek-y aquarium thing, and want to get your frightening fill of spooky underwater beasties, here's one better (and spookier): There's a Halloween Family Sleepover on Friday, Oct. 25.

A "freaky flashlight tour" is promised.

Now that we think about it, are there fish ghost stories? Oh, right: "Ghost Shark" was a SyFy movie from earlier this year.

Can it be long before fishy Frankensteins and wereshrimp roam our aquarium Halloween parties?

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