The Hammer's Stylish New Restaurant Offers Artful Eats

Beautiful plates, zingy cocktails, and great vibes await at Audrey, in Westwood.

What to Know

  • Westwood
  • Lunch through dinner
  • Closed Mondays

Reveling in art? Pondering a painting? Sitting in the vicinity of a sculpture, and letting your thoughts wander, all to better understand the artist's intent and your own reaction to the piece?

It can be a bit tiring, in the most exhilarating sense. You can feel a little piqued, after your museum visit is done. A nap may be in order, or a quiet think in a quiet room, or a delicious meal in a beautiful setting that just happens to be at the place where you saw all that mind-saturating art.

Finding a terrific eatery in a museum can be as challenging as locating a pop art piece in an Impressionist gallery, but the Hammer Museum is changing that up for visitors.

How? Through its brand-new restaurant, Audrey, which officially opened at the end of February. The light, bright, and bite-filled space is open for lunch and dinner, or, we should say, lunch through to dinner, in case your art-looking ends at 3 p.m. and you need a snack.

Though the elegant selections are far more stylish than a traditional snack. On the menu? Look for tumeric-roasted chicken, celery root soup, citrus salad, and an eggplant "steak."

Cocktails, too, "bright cocktails" are also available, should you seek a spirited conclusion to all of your painting-adjacent strolling.


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The restaurant's spunky and sweet name hails from Hammer Museum board member Audrey Irmas, a great tribute to great philanthropist.

As for the visual experience? Warm sun-oranges and soft avocados lend oomph to the space. 

A space that is closed on Mondays, but ready to receive visitors, whether they've just visited the Hammer Museum or not, or are about to, Tuesdays through Sundays.

By the by, the Hammer Museum? Oh yeah, it's free admission. Making it all the easier to get to the art, the very art you want to think about, soak in, and maybe feel a little happily tired over, later after your visit.

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