The Haunts of Simi Valley

Take an autumn-themed, looking-for-ghosts ramble around Strathearn Park.

SPIRITS ALL ABOUT: Television shows and cable channels devoted to ghost sightings are indeed fun and full of spooky thrills, but the ghost visits tend to be of the late-night, meter-reading sort, and not of the history-cool, twilight-easy walkabout kind. That's okay; a ghost meter lighting up is great television. But there are plenty of October-sweet rambles that take on a few spooky stories but a little earlier in the night, meaning that they're a-ok for families and people not set on doing television-style ghost-hunting. Southern California brims with 'em, in fact, and just about every other town offers one, if not year-round, then definitely in the fall.

AND ONE SUCH RAMBLE... is rambling in Simi Valley. Actually make that multiple rambles over multiple nights. It's the Ghost Tour at Strathearn Park, which is set for every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening throughout October. Price? Ten bucks for adults, eight dollars for kids ages 6 to 10. Under 5s are admitted free and are welcome. It's not too often that a ghost tour is deemed just fine for the little kids, but this one is, meaning that things may get spooky but not all-out scary.

ON THE WILLY-INDUCING WALK: You'll meet a few quaint ghosts along the way. It is indeed walking tour, but stations shall be stopped at, and at those stations? Well, perhaps the Actors' Repertory Theatre of Simi can give you a charming sneak peek. In short? The tour isn't just about a guide telling tales the whole time but a few of those tales coming to life via people in historical dress and some nicely macabre make-up. If you're a fan of creepy but not-too-horror-laden Halloween to-dos, to-dos with some history and fun, this is your thing.

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