The New Bev's A-Ok

The famous double-feature house isn't going anywhere.

Often, too often, when one drives past a vintage movie theater, and the front is dismantled, and the lights are switched off, one sighs and feels sad and thinks of all the buckets of popcorn that shall remain uneaten in the days to come.

Because. So many classic palaces have gone to scrap over the years. But good news, people who have driven on Beverly Boulevard in recent days; the New Beverly Cinema's famous marquee has been taken down for a reason.

The cinema says the marquee is being "rewired" and "refurbished"; as iconic marquees grow dimmer across this great land, that is a move we can all support. In this digital age, isn't it still a slight thrill to see a guy with a long stick changing letters by hand? Or up on a ladder? Do not put this in the "gone and forgotten" column just yet.

Not that we truly thought this much-loved theater would be closing. After all, none other than Quentin Tarantino stepped in in recent days to lend a very helpful hand. And if Mr. Tarantino saw the theater's marquee down permanently we bet he'd be steamed. And we don't want that. No siree.

Although how would it influence his future moviemaking? We'd love to see one man, an angry man, a loner, on a mission, to save vintage theaters across America. Call it "The Ticket Taker." Done.

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