Queen Mary May “Sale” Again

She's been the queen of the Long Beach harbor for years. Now a small Las Vegas entertainment company wants to bring her back to life. Cairngorm Entertainment group specializes in distributing old TV shows but the company believes there's gold in Queen Mary nostalgia as well. They plan to spend at least a $1.5 billion to spruce up the ship and send her out to sea.

The city of Long Beach bought the Queen Mary in 1967 from Cunard Steamship Co. Ltd. According to LA Times, the offer is attracting attention at Long Beach City Hall, where some regard the Queen Mary as a questionable city asset.

Tim Cook, president and chief executive of Cairngorm, told the Times: "The Queen Mary is in disrepair. She is at that stage in life when she could implode at any moment. Instead of rivets, nuts and bolts, she is held together by crustaceans."

If approved, the project would take around four years to complete.

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