The Wait for Potter Fans Is Over

After lining up for hours, and some for days, fans finally get their chance to see the last Harry Potter film.

Theaters all over Southern California were filled with Harry Potter fans, eagerly waiting for special midnight showings of "Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows, Part Two.

At Universal CityWalk 17 of the 19 theatres were devoted to screening the last Potter film.

Many fans waited hours, and some for days, to see the climatic battle between Harry and the evil Lord Voldemort.

Yet for most, this final chance to see Harry on the big screen was bitter sweet.

"I know I'm gonna cry during this movie. I started reading these books when I was seven years old. I'm 19 now, so it's my entire childhood, is Harry Potter," according to Gabriel Alcala, a Harry Potter Fan.

"I would definitely be crying at the end because I've been with this series for so long. It means so much to me, and it really hurts to see it leave," says Erin Cate, a Harry Potter fan.

Tickets sold in advance for the weekend mean the film already earned an estimated $45-Million before the theater doors even opened.

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