The Warrior Dash: Not Your Average Weekend Race

The weekend "Warrior Dash" comes to Lake Elsinore and those who brave the extreme 3.08-mile race could find themselves wet, muddy, scratched, maybe burned by fire and even nicked by barbed wire.

The Warrior Dash is the ultimate event for thrill-seeking athletes and, for the first time, it will be held in Southern California.  The race course is set up next to the Lake Elsinore Storm Baseball Stadium at 500 Diamond Drive in Lake Elsinore.

Waves of new runners will start every half hour beginning at 11:00 a.m. and concluding at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, April 10 and 11. 

Those courses include high-stepping through tires, slogging through muddy water and over logs, climbing wooden barriers, leaping over fires, climbing giant hills made of hay bales, crawling under barbed wire and dashing through tumbleweeds in a ravine.

Wondering how you will get home after the muddy, sweaty race? Don't worry. There will be a fire truck and hoses to help spray the muddy participants down after the completion of the race.

Those warriors who complete the course will get a horned furry warrior helmet. "Why a warrior's helmet," you ask. Duh, cause they're awesome.

This running series is held on some of the nation's most demanding and unique terrain. Participants who successfully conquer the 12 race obstacles can celebrate their feat with friends, family, and spectators as they enjoy some good music and some good beer.

And don't forget, you can always wear the fuzzy warrior helmet to work on Monday.

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