This In-N-Out Burger Fan Gets Sweet Custom Halloween Costume That Fits Over His Wheelchair

"He is a very joyful kid. He is my inspiration behind every one of the costumes.”

Family Picture

Maddux, a 6-year-old kid from Highland, is ready for Halloween.

The child was seen Friday greeting customers at his local In-N-Out restaurant, with his proud parents, Joe and Desirée Remillet, standing by.

“Every year, around March we start game-planning about what we are going to do,” says Joe Remillet. “Last year, he was a postal worker. He had his own truck and everything.”

Every year, the Remillets create a specialized costume for Maddux that fits over his wheelchair, so he can have fun like all the other kids.

The proud father says his goal every year is for “Maddux to have a great time.”

In the process of creating a bit of joy for their son, the Remillets also hope to bring awareness about Spina Bifida and Dwarfism--two conditions Maddux was born with.

“October is Spina Bifida and Dwarfism awareness month...so we take this opportunity with Halloween to make it extra special for him and those in our community by building him a wheelchair costume,” says Desirée Remillet.

And Maddux participates in the entire costume building process.

“He is there, from building it with me, to try and see if it works and check if he can pop the wheelies,” says Joe Remillet.

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However, Maddux's favorite time comes when he gets to wear the costume, his father says: “When he gets in character, and he is handed fries and burgers he’s having a good time. He is a very joyful kid. He is my inspiration behind every one of the costumes."

Maddux has had 16 surgeries due to the two conditions he was born with, 13 of them have been brain surgeries.

“Despite having all the medical issues that he's had he is just the most amazing kid,” his mother says. “He is super resilient and just so full of life. He's an inspiration to all of us.”

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