This Is a Cover-Up

UCLA's "Undie Run" started as stress relief but became a safety concern, according to school officials.

Thousands of underwear-clad students will no longer be allowed to run across campus. Officials cited safety concerns as the reason.

"What started out as a UCLA student tradition to relieve stress during finals has turned into a free-for-all event attracting large numbers of people who are not affiliated with UCLA and who have demonstrated they have little consideration for the well-being of our students or the surrounding community," UCLA Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students Robert Naples told UCLA Newsroom. "While we regret having to call off the run in the future, we must ensure the safety of our students and the community and also look after UCLA's relationships with our neighbors."

The event occurs three times per year. It began in 2002 as a way to blow off steam during final exams.

But last year's run wasn't all thongs and briefs. School officials said it included fights, vandalism and other problems -- many of which were related to alcohol.

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