This Is Not a Trick: Get Paid for Your Treats

Dentists collect candy to curb cavities

It may be time to put away the costumes, but for parents, Halloween is certainly not over. In the aftermath of trick-or-treating marathons, pounds of collected candy means moms and dads face cavities and hyperactive rug rats, potentially for weeks on end.

Local dentists are offering a solution.

In an effort to cut down on tooth decay and give back at the same time, many local dental offices are participating in the Halloween Candy Buy Back, sponsored by Operation Gratitude.
Through the program, dentists host an event where they offer to buy back children’s Halloween candy (at the rate of $1 per pound) and use it to create care packages for troops in Iraq.
We’ll be trading in our 100 Grands for a Payday.
Aside from the cash, many dentists use the event as a way to promote their practice as well as good oral hygiene, handing out personalized toothbrushes and other (sugar free) treats.
There are more than 10 practices in Los Angeles that are participating this year, and hundreds more across the country. Visit the Halloween Candy Buyback site to find out how to participate.
Each year children consume 2% more sugar than the previous year, worldwide. That’s a lot of candy corn. Surely we can afford to give some of it back.
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