This Week: WinePas Fall Crawl

Several local businesses, including Gold Bug, will jump into the yummy to-do.

WinePas Fall Food & Wine Crawl: The coming of autumn will be marked in many auspicious ways, but if you like your season-starting celebrations to come with some cabernet, some snacks, and some quaint-style sauntering about, make for Old Pasadena on the evening of Thursday, Sept. 19. That's the where and when for this foodie gathering, which will feature several eateries and businesses (where discounts will be as hot as an autumn leaf is bright). The beneficiary of your $49 ticket? The Pasadena Educational Foundation.

National Cheeseburger Day: Ever had a hunch that the national food calendar features several holidays built around burgers, in all of their various themes? Your feeling is a correct as a melty cheese is yummy. There is, in fact, a day devoted to the cheeseburger, and it is Sept. 18, and places around Southern California, from Dog Haus (which will add a "second patty with cheese," gratis, to your paid-for burger) to Farmer Boys (which is offering two-buck Big Cheese cheeseburgers from 2 p.m. to close) will be in the savory swing. 

Talk Like a Pirate Day: Perhaps you wear your tri-cornered hat every day of the year, and your shoes with the shiny buckles. But maybe you wait for Sept. 19, which is actually and truly the holiday when people are encouraged to "arrr" it up in everyday situations. If you do so, and say "ahoy matey" at an Ike's Love & Sandwiches on Sept. 19, you'll receive three bucks off a sandwich. Of course, you may actually want to be among pirate-y figures, and there are places to do that around SoCal, like Pirates of the Caribbean and Pirates Dinner Adventure in Buena Park. Arrrr we good on this topic? Yarr.

Harvest Festival Original Art & Craft Show: This venerable, on-the-go goodie-packed party is for the true fall lover, the person who digs pumpkin bread and beautiful paintings and meeting the artisans who create both. In past years it has called upon both Pomona and Ventura and other California cities, but never Orange County. That's changing on Sept. 20 when the multi-vendor'd merriment lands in Costa Mesa for three days of cinnamon-scented shopping and celebrating. Love your autumn delights with a gentler side of cheer, and a browsing component, too? This is for you.

LA County Fair: This mega-piglet'd, super-crafty, ultra-fried-food-a-licious lark just started, right? It can't be in its final week already? Well, you know where our typing fingers are headed on this topic. The Pomona big-everything-tacular says goodbye on Sept. 22, which means you only have a few more days to get out to pet animals, eye homemade quilts, clap along at a concert, and win a soft toy or rocking poster for your bedroom along the midway. It's open on weekdays, too (though Wednesday-Friday, do note) if you'd like to skip the weekend hubbub. But isn't hubbub part of the fair's charm? Don't fight us on that one, please and thank you.

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