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3-Legged Dog Finds New Family After Being Neglected

Peter the dog was involved in an animal cruelty incident that left his paw "mummified"

A three-legged canine named Peter has been embraced by a new family and home after an animal cruelty incident left him needing amputation, officials said Tuesday.

Peter is a 2-year-old Queensland Heeler and Pit Bull mix whom Riverside police found while investigating a home in the 22100 block of Old Elsinore Road near Perris.

Riverside County Animal Services soon arrived and noticed dog was crawling around using only his front legs. An animal control officer found Peter underneath a vehicle.

Veterinarians discovered that several inches of bone were exposed in the dog’s left back leg. It is unknown what caused the injury, but veterinarians believe the injury went untreated for so long, Peter's paw had "mummified" from a loss of blood circulation.

The injured leg was soon amputated, but Peter the dog has since recovered and is showing substantial progress getting around with his three remaining legs.

Animal Services is planning to charge Peter’s former owner with animal cruelty.

"This is one of the worst cases of neglect our officers have experienced," said Riverside County Animal Services Director Robert Miller. "It is illegal and inhumane to allow an animal to suffer needlessly in this fashion."

The pooch was adopted by a woman from southwest Riverside County, who immediately fell in love with Peter after a visit to the Jurupa Valley animal shelter.

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