Snowboarding Bulldog Gets Float in Rose Parade

Your move, water-skiing squirrel

Tillman the skateboarding dog will show off his downhill dexterity on a snowboard during the 121st Rose Parade.

The 4-year-old bulldog has gained quite a following thanks his YouTube videos and national appearances, including a failed run on a CBS reality show.

Tillman's owner Ron Davis says the pooch took up skateboarding years ago and snowboarding was the obvious next step.

"One summer it was just too hot for two weeks in a row for him to skate, so I started skim-boarding him and surfing with him and it was amazing watching him, how good he became at those sports, how quickly he became good at those sports. And then when winter rolled around we thought, 'Hey, let's take him snowboarding.' And he's just as crazy about snowboarding and surfing and skateboarding. He's nuts about all of them," Davis told The Associated Press.

President of the Natural Balance dog food company, Joey Herrick, came up with the snowboarding, New England Cable News reported:

Tillman demonstrated his talent for skateboarding on the Natural Balance sponsored float in January 2009, and was a big hit with the viewers, although the float failed to win any awards.

This year, Herrick has organized for Tillman to star again, this time snowboarding on the float.

Tillman, who will be joined by four other trained bulldogs, will snowboard down a 112 feet (34 meters) man made mountain on what is planned to be the longest float in Rose Parade

The 121st Rose Parade is scheduled for Friday, January 1. Tickets are available online.

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