Time for Those Half-Year Resolutions

Making resolutions when it is dark at 5PM, when all you want to do is consume cheesy, cream-based soups by the quart, when the bed and the couch tempt and the track at the park does not, is difficult.

That's why we, like a select and summer-loving group of resolution makers out there, like the half-year resolution. The first of July, of course, is the semi-officialish start to the second half the year -- we know there's probably someone out there who knows the exact middle of the year, and it is probably on July 3rd at 10:47 and five seconds in the morning -- but for all accounts and purposes let's call it July 1st.

And at the half year, our resolutions are halved. But hey, we're trying.

So... So. Where to begin? Instead of the 10 pounds we vowed to drop on January 1st, we'll try five. Instead of making Disneyworld, we'll do Disneyland. And that pound of broccoli we promised to consume daily... well, a half pound will probably do. No cheese sauce. Maybe almonds. A tablespoon.

Hello, second half of the year. A good time to renew resolutions, and make 'em a *wee* bit more manageable.

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