Time to Shine Up That Hearse

It's year 14 for one of the largest 'n most lively hearse happenings in the nation.

PARADE OF THE LONG CARS: If you own a hearse, and keep it for recreational drives, showing, and the pleasure of owning and caring for a distinctive vehicle, you know that taking it out on the freeway can often elicit sly looks to open stares. Especially if that hearse is not of the somber sort but rather comes in an offbeat hue or perhaps bears license plates that reveal your dedication to the season of Halloween. But put a bunch of hearses in one place, and the admiring stares have a way of multiplying. At least that's the case at the annual Halloween Hearse Show, an OC Marketplace calendar staple set to vroom this year on Sunday, Oct. 27. The hearses that are a part of the Costa Mesa meet-up come from nearby and miles and miles away, but bet the owners all have a lot in common. We can imagine that part replacement and general care are hot topics of discussion, but the mood of the day is one of strolling about and getting acquainted with other enthusiasts' machines.

THE GAMUT: And the vehicles do run the gamut, from small, coffin-shaped motorized zoomers to elaborately curtained affairs that are posher on the inside than some well-cared-for abodes. Over 50 vehicles have appeared in recent parades, meaning you'll get an eyeful of vintage and restored hearses and funeral cars.

MORE MOURNING AND MIRTH: The day is a celebratory one: Dia de los Muertos will have a strong showing, both in altars and costumes, and other spooky season high jinks will be high-jinks-ing up the OC Fair & Event Center. Daytime trick-or-treating for the tots is part of the chilling doings. And the admission? Just two bucks for adults, and free for young'uns under 12. That is nothing to scream about, surely.

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