Timeline: A Look at Events That Led to Effort to Recall LA County DA George Gascón

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón got elected on his promise to reform the criminal laws and make significant changes. Now, he faces a potential recall.

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón.

George Gascón ran for Los Angeles County District Attorney in October 2019. Today, a petition to recall him is in process.

He promised change within the criminal justice system. He won the election by more than 53% of the vote and started making changes within his first month in office.

Today, Gascón faces a potential recall from people who believe his changes are too soft on crime.

Here is a look at events that led Gascón to face a potential recall:

Gascón Runs for LA County District Attorney

Oct. 28, 2019
A former LAPD assistant chief, George Gascón announces he will run against incumbent Jackie Lacey for LA County District Attorney.

Lacey and Gascón Head to a Runoff


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March 28, 2020
Jackie Lacey and George Gascón head into a runoff.

Mayor Garcetti Backs Gascón

Oct. 4, 2020
Mayor Eric Garcetti endorses Gascón in the wake of the George Floyd and Breonna Taylor protests that called for prison reform.

Gascón Beats Lacey

Nov. 6, 2020
Gascón defeats Jackie Lacey with more than 53% of the three million votes counted.

Gascón Weighs in on Sentencing Enhancements

Dec. 15, 2020
Gascón says that no exceptions would be made to his new rule that would ban prosecutors from filing sentencing enhancements in criminal cases regardless of how of how terrible the crime.

Crime Victims Families Speak Out Against Gascón

Dec. 15, 2020
The loved ones of crime victims criticize some of Gascon's reform policies and call his policies outrageous.

Gascón Allows Some Sentencing Enhancements

Dec. 19, 2020
After facing backlash from crime victims and judges, Gascón changes his policy that eliminated sentencing enhancements to allowing them in cases that involve the most vulnerable victims and extraordinary circumstances.

Prosecutors File Civil Lawsuit Over DA's Directives

Dec. 30, 2020
The union that represents the Los Angeles County prosecutors files a lawsuit that challenges Gascón's new directives to eliminate three strike allegations and sentencing enhancements.

Sacramento DA Blocks Gascón's Jurisdiction

Jan. 12, 2021
The Sacramento District Attorney announces that her office would no longer grant him jurisdiction over any crimes because of his directives that have been criticized for being too soft on crime.

Victims Families Say Changes Not Enough

Jan. 16, 2021
Families of crime victims said that the initial changes in Gascón's sentencing policy were not enough.

Judge Blocks Some of Gascon's Reform Policies

Feb. 8, 2021
A judge decided to block some of Gascón's reform policies aimed at reducing punishment for some of the most serious, claiming that the policies were unlawful.

Victim Rights Group Announces Recall Campaign

February 27, 2021
Crime victims and law enforcement officials launching an effort to recall the DA, claiming the changes Gascón made favor the rights of criminals over victims.

Signatures Are Gathered for Recall Effort

May 21, 2021
Signature-gathering is approved for the recall campaign. They would need 579,062 signatures from registered voters in the county by Oct. 27 in order to qualify for the ballot.

Effort to Recall DA George Gascón Moves Forward

July 6, 2022
The efforts to recall DA George Gascón will submit signatures to the registrar's office.

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