Tomatomania! Is a Juicy Sign of Spring

The on-the-road event spotlights heirloom tomatoes and the people who love to grow them.

THE LITTLE SIGNS... that a fresh season will soon be here can run the fascinating and subtle gamut. Signs of spring, for example, tend to be brighter days, and warmer afternoons, and tiny buds opening, and baby animals beginning to chirp and oink and cluck. But rarely are signs of coming season juicy, or even seeding, or even delicious on a sandwich or in a stew. But Tomatomania! is indeed a juicy sign that spring is nearly here, and we say "juicy" because that seems to be the best word to describe the sensation of biting into a perfect heirloom tomato. That said, tomato seedlings are the stars of Tomatomania!, because now is the time that gardeners want of focus on the seedlings that will eventually produce those summer-big, oh-so-bite-able heirloom superstars of July and August. But when will...

TOMATOMANIA!, which indeed earns its exclamation point, be at a garden in your vicinity? The tour schedule is live, and if you're near Corona del Mar, Encino, Carpinteria, or Sonoma, you're in some sort of juicy luck. There are other cities, too, on the roster, if you can't make one of those. Or perhaps you'll make them all? Just take a few weeks off and follow Tomatomania! around the state? You'll meet in-the-know tomato pros and other fans of the fruit wherever you happen to go. If you have questions about containers, and how to produce the best heirloom tomatoes in smaller spaces, that's cool, because bet someone at an event can advise.

FOR ALL THINGS TOMATO-Y, and, yes, juicy, slice up a few beautiful tomatoes, throw some basil and mozzarella on top, splash with olive oil, then sit down and get your Tomatomania! 411 here.

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