Too Big to Fail

A Telepic that Looks Behind the Recent Financial Crisis Comes to TV on HBO

Too Big to Fail was so big it took all this time between the financial meltdown and the federal government rescue to make this reality into a movie.

This is HBO's latest look behind the curtain, showing us the inner workings, as dramatized by Andrew Ross Sorkin.

"The week that Lehman Brothers went under there was a rumor going around that McDonald's wasn't going to be able to pay it's people the next week. Why, because Bank of America wasn't going to quote, unquote 'continue rolling paper.' Wasn't going to continue loaning money to them. That's the connection between Wall Street and Main Street," according to Andrew Ross Sorkin, screenwriter.

But on the main streets of Southern California, people are still waiting for what they feel was a win for the banks, and a win for Wall Street, but lose for them.

"It's a lot harder to get financing. Even though you're a good credit, people these days are just known by a number, and not about job or history, nothing like that anymore," according to Michelle Marks.

Michelle Marks says she has no interest in watching a dramatic history, that effected her future so dramatically, but Margarathe Johns says just the opposite, that we have to know what happened, so it won't happen again.

"The promise that when they bail the people out, the banks out, that more jobs will be created, but people are still suffering. So we really don't know the full story behind this thing," according to Margarathe Johns. "I'm curious, because it effects all of us, our children and the future."

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