Dodger Fans Wait on Pins and Tattoo Needles for Playoffs

The most popular tattoo isn't a player, the stadium or even the Dodger logo.

Everyone bleeds Dodger blue at this tattoo parlor.

True Blue caters to Dodger fans who wear their pride on their shoulder, bicep, ankle, back -- almost anywhere on their bodies.

"That's what I'm always thinking about, outside of tattooing," said tattoo artist Landon Heying. "I'd always have my radio on listening to Vin Scully while I'm tattooing. It all just kind of made sense."

Heying opened the shop about two years ago in Los Feliz. His portfolio includes more than Dodger tattoos, but he said there are days when "five or six" customers request Dodger tattoos.

The most popular? It's not the logo, stadium or players -- although Heying has inked them all.

It's actually the voice of the Dodgers, Vin Scully.

"He's a Dodger for life," said one customer as Heying tattooed Scully's image on his arm. "That's why I love him."

Dodger clients include Matt Kemp. The Dodger has his mother's name in script on his wrist and the phrase "Living for the Moment" across his upper back.

Dodgers General Manger Ned Colletti even stopped by to get his father's initials on his chest. But that's not all.

"Ned Colletti told me if the Dodgers win the World Series he will get the World Series trophy tattooed on his entire back, life-size," Heying said.

Heying will be waiting -- and hoping -- with needle at the ready.


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