City Considers Trump National's Wedding Proposal

It will cost you about $150,000 for a wedding event on Trump National Golf Club property in Rancho Palos Verdes.

Compare that to an event at a nearby city park. Founders Park events cost about $585 for city residents, $915 for nonresidents, according to the Daily Breeze. The park was given to the city as part of Trump National's development agreement.

That three-year agreement has expired, and Trump officials said they're losing money because of event rentals at current rates. The Breeze reported that Trump National receives about $165 from the rental fee.

"Trump has found it costs more to manage it than what they initially thought," Tom Odom, the city's interim director of recreation and parks, told the Daily Breeze. "It's impacting their facility."

On Tuesday night, the council will consider a rate increase -- $2,670 for residents and $3,000 for nonresidents. The city also might vote to end event rentals at the park.

One of the problems involves the park's proximity to Trump National.

"It is normal for those having a wedding in the park to exclaim they are having their wedding 'at Trump,'" golf course general manager David Conforti wrote in a letter to the city. "With that comes an expectation that is considerably beyond the expectation that would be in place for a wedding group seeking a ceremony in any other city park."

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