Tune in to NBC4 Drought Special

NBC4 is committed to covering the severity of the drought crisis from all angles, focusing on the dire effects it is having on the environment, agriculture and everyday life for Southern Californians.  

Tune in on Saturday, August 30, 2014 at 7 p.m. to watch “Running Dry:  California’s Historic Drought,” a 30-minute NBC4 News special which takes an in-depth look at the record drought, its impact on all residents and the implications for the future of water distribution in California.  

Hosted by Weathercaster Fritz Coleman and ‘Today in LA’ Meteorologist Crystal Egger, the special will include conversations with farmers in the field and the impact the lack of water is having on agriculture and food supply.  We’ll also explore the value of drought-tolerant landscaping, the growing phenomenon of “drought shaming” and other stories to help viewers become better informed as they learn how to adapt to the water shortage.

To stay up to date on all drought-related news stories, search “drought” at NBCLA and the NBCLA app.

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