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Charges Announced For Two Men Involved in 7-Eleven Shooting and Robbery Sprees

The charges for the two men involved in the shooting and robbery sprees at multiple 7-Eleven's throughout Southern California were announced Monday.


The official charges for the two men involved in a deadly spree of 7-Eleven shootings and robberies were read Monday morning by the Orange County DA at a press conference.

The two men Malike Patt, 20, and Jason Payne, 44, both from LA were involved in multiple shootings and robberies at multiple 7-Eleven's throughout Southern California. They were arrested at about 1:10 p.m. on July 15 on the 1900 block of West 23rd Street in LA.

"He is a stone cold serial killer," said Orange County DA Todd Spitzer before reading the charges for Patt. "There's no other way to describe him. He executed innocent people and he shot others."

Patt will be charged with three felony counts of murder, two felony counts of attempted murder, three felony counts of robbery, and one felony count of carjacking.

The charges against Patt will include special circumstance allegations of multiple murders and murder in the commission of a robbery. The case will also include various sentencing enhancements for personal use or discharge of a handgun.

The special circumstance enhancements will make Patt eligible for the death penalty or life without the possibility of parole, if prosecutors opt to pursue it.

Patt is considered the main suspect seen in widely circulated surveillance video photos from some of the robberies.

Payne will be charged with three felony counts of robbery and one felony count of attempted robbery.

The DA said investigators were still looking into the relationship between the defendants, but they appear to be acquaintances who lived on the same street in LA.

The 7-Eleven company last week offered a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspect in the robberies and killings. It was unclear if anyone will be eligible to claim the reward.

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