Two People Rescued From Chatsworth Cliff

Using ropes and mountain climbing techniques, firefighters rescued two climbers stranded on the western ledge at Stoney Point Park.

Rescuers from the Los Angeles Fire Department used ropes to reach two young men who were stranded late Tuesday while "free climbing" on a 300-foot cliff face at Stoney Point Park.

The young men, both 18, were part of a group of five hikers that went to the park at 10870 N. Topanga Canyon Blvd. in Chatsworth.

“These two separated from the group, and while they were free climbing, got stuck,” said Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Brian Humphrey.

Using rappelling techniques, the men were brought down separately by firefighters who were lowered over the sheer face of the cliff in a dramatic rescue. The climbers, who wore only tennis shoes and had no rock climbing equipment, became stuck as the sun fell.

"We walked up the crevasse, and by the time we got up halfway and wanted to get down, there was no way to get down," said Justin Sanders, a rescued hiker. "It's 200 feet up there, and we sat on the ledge and we figured we might as well stay here, because we can't move. So, we decided to call 911 right away."

No one was injured.

Stoney Point Park is world famous for offering a challenging and scenic rock climbing experience.

“It’s important that climbers get instruction before tackling such a challenging climb as this. Climbers should never overestimate their abilities,” Humphrey said.

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