UCLA Considers ‘Gender Inclusive' Dorms

Young men and women could share rooms, in some cases

UCLA is considering a plan that would put young men and women in the same dorm room, under certain conditions.

The campus newspaper reports "gender inclusive" dorm life, as suggested by UCLA Housing Services, is now being considered by the Office of Residential Life.
The success rate depends on who's involved, according to students.
"I grew up with three brothers. I'm used to living with guys," said student Rachel Luba. "This is my first year living with another girl as a roommate. I would be comfortable with it, especially if it was my brother."

Most requests received by the Office of Residential Life are from "transgender students asking to live with a student of the gender to which they are transitioning," according to the Daily Bruin newspaper.
"I hadn't heard this conversation yet, but it's really nice that it's being had," said student Liam McCoy. "I don't personally know any transgender students."
The university says it's happy to take requests for gender inclusive housing. On a case-by-case basis, it has been a success, according to the school.

Some students predict problems, if the suggestion becomes policy.

"I'm pretty sure parents don't want their children rooming with cross-gender or trans-genders, maybe, or boys and girls rooming together," said student Cristal Alba. "I don't think it'll go through."

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