UCLA Volunteer Day Dispatches Students into Los Angeles

UCLA sent 6,800 new freshman and transfer students into the community Tuesday during its annual Volunteer Day -- an opportunity for students to help out at 26 locations in LA.

Members of the staff, faculty, and alumni will assist in the effort.

These workers will help clean and work on the city's elementary, middle and high schools, parks, food banks, senior centers and a Veterans Affairs site.

The public benefits from the volunteer effort, but it's also a way for the students to become part of the Bruin family.

"The students came as a group from their residence halls," Claudia Luther, UCLA spokeswoman said.

Luther said this is a chance for students to get to know one another since they just moved onto campus this weekend. Luther was at Breed Street Elementary School in Los Angeles with UCLA Chancellor Gene Block and at least 300 students who were gardening and painting.

"The student's first experience after arriving on campus is an act of service," said Luther.

Morning projects kicked off at 8:30 a.m.  when more than 140 buses picked up the students to travel to various sites. By 10 a.m., the students were already involved in their projects.

The Chancellor and UCLA students will be donating tote bags full of school supplies to the students of Breed Elementary.

Follow the progress of the day at the Volunteer Day website. Live feeds and photos can be seen on their Twitter page @uclavolunteer or on their Facebook page.

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