UFO Sighting Over Knotts Berry Farm?

Is it a bird? A plane? Or perhaps -- gasp -- a UFO? Those are the questions being asked about an iPhone picture taken at Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Park.

"This photo is extremely creepy," said Ryan Boone, who claims to have snapped the shot Tuesday before 10 p.m., while waiting in line to ride the Xcelerator rollercoaster.
The 31-year-old Beverly Hills resident sent the photo (original pic) to NBCLA. The photo, which Boone claims is not doctored, shows part of the coaster and looming above it, is a glowing, triangular object in the sky.

"At first I thought it had to be a glare, but there was nothing in the sky to glare off of," said Boone.

He laughed, "I've never been a believer in UFOs until I took this photo and saw it with my own eyes."

Perhaps only adding fodder to conspiracy theorists is that this isn't the first report of a UFO sighting over Knotts Berry Farm and Buena Park. That's if you believe the various websites that track these sorts of things.

As for Knotts Berry Farm, a spokesperson told NBCLA that no visitors had reported seeing anything suspicious to park workers on Tuesday night.
NBCLA sent the photo to the Federal Aviation Authority for review. A spokesperson said they will look into the matter.

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