Underwater Dog Photos Make a Splash

Seth Casteel’s photos of dogs as they dive underwater – capturing some unusual expressions – have gone viral. Some photos are scary, others are silly, but Casteel insisted that all of them were consensual. For more images of pooches, wet and dry, visit Tandem Stills + Motion.

7 photos
Seth Casteel
This black lab wins best "Caption This" photo. Go on, what's he saying?
Seth Casteel
Are those eyes horrified? Overwhelmed? Ecstatic? This yellow lab and border collie may have a future in high-fashion modeling.
Seth Casteel
Think we're going to need a bigger pool.
Seth Casteel
He wanted the ball so bad, this yellow lab bellyflopped into the pool.
Seth Casteel
Not one to throw caution to the wind, this golden retriever investigates the water.
Seth Casteel
An up close and personal shot of a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, his eyes on a yellow tennis ball.
Seth Casteel
A border collie and a yellow labrador retriever vie for the same bright pink ball.
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