‘Unlimited Pie' Nights to Grace a Grove Eatery

189 by Dominique Ansel will offer a series of luscious favorites over four October evenings.

What to Know

  • Oct. 8-11, 2019
  • 189 by Dominique Ansel at The Grove
  • $59 per person, plus a service charge and fee

October nights, as a rule, are synonymous with the unlimited gobbling of sweets, and we're not just talking about the final evening of the month.

For it is quite common to sneak more than a few chocolate bars from the bag you hid on top of the fridge, weeks ahead of Halloween, just because you're in the mood.

But four special October nights will take a different view of gobbling goodies on a fall eve, goodies that won't arrive in a bag but rather a pie tin.

For the popular Pie Nights at 189 by Dominique Ansel are returning, from Oct. 8-11, and the big headline, the one you'll want to draw lots of stars and hearts around, is this: There shall be "unlimited slices of pie" for you to enjoy, should you purchase a ticket.

And those tickets?

They're now on sale, for $59 each, so gobble, gobble, gobble one up, faster than you can slide the edge of a fork into a vanilla meringue.


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This is no mere pie, as if "mere pie" even really exists, but it is fancy pie with plenty of gourmet cred attached.

And that cred of which we speak? Not only is Chef Ansel the inventor of the Cronut, a pastry that's part croissant, part doughnut, but several of his cuisine-making, food-loving pals have contributed favorite recipes for the 2019 Pie Nights, including Wolfgang Puck and Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

Oh yes, and there are savory pies, too, if you want to work your way through dinner AND dessert in one appetite-satisfying swoop.

Now let's get to the gooey goods. Some of the pies you can expect during the upcoming iterations of Pie Nights?

Strawberry rhubarb cheesecake pie, yuzu & fresh blueberry pie, salted caramel apple pie, Wolfgang Puck's chocolate cream pie, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson's green chile chicken pot pie are all on the menu.

There are several others, too, to tempt you. And by "tempt you" we mean that you'll probably try them, because the night is about "unlimited pie," which we already mentioned several times, and may return to again, because it pleases us to do so.

Your reservation will come with a particular window on your chosen date, so keep that in mind. It might even be good to jot that down, after you buy your ticket, given that the idea of "unlimited pie" can fill the brainspace so completely.

Happy pie-ing, pie people. Do enjoy indulging on an October night, one that has nothing to do with bags of candy but everything to do with well-made treats.

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