Urban Outfitters, LA Photog Sued Over Racy Photos of Teen Model

Photos of a 16-year-old model are now at the center of a lawsuit.
The photos were part of a fashion magazine spread, but have since ended up on t-shirts sold at Urban Outfitters. And now, model Hailey Clauson’s parents are suing Urban Outfitters and the man behind the photos, Los Angeles photographer, Jason Lee Parry.   
“How perfect is it that this has been out a year and half… and the second it comes out on an Urban Outfitters t-shirt…all of a sudden there’s a $28 million lawsuit,” said Parry.

The model’s parents said these photos damaged Clauson’s reputation. They said Parry used the photos without their permission and said the picture on the t-shirt is like child porn.

Meanwhile, Parry and his production team are fighting back.

“It’s all about money," said Parry. "If it was truly about this pose being so ridiculous, why would her parents turn around and put it back in the media? Her father was on set -- her father and her mother. Everyone was happy.”

The question remains, how did these photos taken a year ago for this editorial end up on a t-shirt?

“I wish I could tell you. I don’t know," Parry said. "I never gave permission for that image to be on a shirt. Never did I say, 'That could be on an Urban Outfitter t-shirt.' Never.”
Parry said he didn’t make a dime on the t-shirts and that Clauson’s agency approved them.
Urban Outfitters has not made any comments. 

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