Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Maybe it really is the thought that counts

Ask a man what women want for Valentine's Day and he might come up with a clever but ambiguous answer. Or maybe it's a stalling tactic.

"It's just about spreading the love," offers Sam King.

But King admits, it's the specifics that might trip him up.

"Chocolates," he finally concludes.

That wouldn't work for Brittany Hendley. When asked what the worst Valentine's Day gifts are for women, she says "candy or roses."

One will die and the other will make you fat, she says. Several other women approached in a very informal survey agreed with that assessment.

Amber Gay added another Valentine's Day staple to the "do not guy" list. Teddy bears.

So, if chocolates, roses and teddy bears don't please, what does?

"Roses aren’t that bad, because at least you put some thought into it," says Stephanie Swinson.

"I like flowers every now and then," says Joy Gay. " Just for Valentine's Day."

So maybe flowers are back on the list.

We didn't hear any women in our informal survey object to lingerie.

Stores like "Kitson" offer little novelties that might work for a laugh, sort of like stocking stuffers for a different holiday. And they're not too expensive.

And some women say it doesn't have to be expensive.

"I’d rather my boyfriend cook for me and then give me a nice massage," said Nikki, who didn't want to give her last name.

Maybe it's all about knowing what will charm the recipient.

The ladies in our informal survey said they'd rather receive something that came with a lot of thought than something expensive.

There is one thing that every woman seems to agree is a bad idea. Don't forget that Tuesday is Valentine's Day.

And maybe men feel the same way.

"It's the small things that mean a lot to me," says Mondalayo Lane.

"Maybe a card," said Herman Kucukkoseoglu. "Maybe a hug, kiss. Nothing too big."

"I want some champagne, a nice bottle of champagne," said Sam King.

Of course, that could run into some money.

But most of the men we spoke to told us they don't need a big, extravagant gift to make them happy.

"One year, she got “Happy Feet” for me," said Marcus Shockley. "I was, like, this is the best gift ever!”

That's a 15 dollar DVD from a bargain bin, and it made a man giddy.

"The worst Valentine's gift I got was not getting a gift," said Hall.

That sounds like something men and women agree about.

"My best friend’s mother felt bad for me one year, and she actually got me a card with a question mark," said Alan Edwards.

That was then. Edwards has a family now.

"I have my children. That’s my gift," he says.

Some couples have solved the Valentine's gift debate by making a pact. Alan Wilder and Emily Ricks have agreed to skip the whole thing.

"We might just go for a walk or a hike or something," says Ricks.

Remember. It's the thought that counts.

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