Statement From Pierce Brothers Valhalla Memorial Park

The statement below was provided to NBC4 by Pierce Brothers Valhalla Memorial Park.

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  • In November 2018 new asphalt roads where installed on the Northside and Southside of Memorial Park section of the cemetery. In 2019, the section of Mausoleum Park and the main road in Memorial Park will be installed with new asphalt.
  • Pierce Brothers Valhalla Memorial Park now has a full-time water technician on staff managing the Weather Track reclaimed water irrigation system. The cemetery utilizes recycled water which typically has higher concentrations of nutrients commonly found in fertilizer such as phosphate, potassium, and ammonia promoting intense grass growth. Our efforts to keep the grass on the property green and properly watered sometimes results in an overgrowth of grass in sections of the cemetery.
  • Pierce Brothers Valhalla retained a new gopher abatement company in January 2019 and is on an aggressive clean out program which is 50 percent complete. Pierce Brothers Valhalla Memorial Park has noticed a considerable reduction in gopher activity in the area treated. Gopher activity is an ongoing challenge at cemeteries and the goal is to manage and limit the rodents’ impact on the property
  • The marker-leveling program for 2019 has started in Memorial Park section “D” & “C”. The marker leveling program at Pierce Brothers Valhalla Memorial Park is an ongoing effort. The first phase of our marker clearing program from May 2018 through December 2018 has been completed.
  • Pierce Brothers Valhalla is not under investigation with the Department of Consumer Affairs. Please see attached letter from the DCA, which states the investigation from last year is closed. A letter of warning on property maintenance concerns was issued to Pierce Brothers Valhalla Memorial Park by the State of California Cemetery and Funeral Bureau March 21, 2018. After investigating the property, reviewing the cemetery’s progress addressing these maintenance issues and the use of a pest management company, the investigation was closed with no further action required.
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