Anchor Paul Moyer Is Retiring from Channel 4

It's a story that hits everyone at NBC 4 in a personal way.

Veteran anchor Paul Moyer is retiring after nearly a quarter of a century as the main face of the station. "It's ending a chapter in our history that will be looked back on with tremendous pride," said Robert Long, NBC 4 Vice President and News Director.

"Paul perfected the role of news anchor in the town that can lay claim to inventing it, becoming all an anchor can be: a team leader and a link to our community," Long said.

"Paul's contributions to NBC 4 over the years are many and profound, and we will watch with great interest as he contemplates his next adventure. Our personal bond of respect and affection for Paul will never diminish, and we thank him for everything he has done for our station and the industry," Long said. "Paul is still determining when he will make his last broadcast, and we will announce transition plans within the newsroom accordingly."

Moyer issued comments to be shared with the station:

"I have given Los Angeles my loyalty and my professional best, and if I was able to illuminate a dark and dangerous corner with an investigation, or communicate a complex story in a meaningful way, I have been more than repaid for my devotion to this remarkable city. Los Angeles has sustained me and will continue to with a vast store of amazing memories that I will carry close to my heart as I move on to the next adventure."

It is not known yet when Moyer will anchor his final newscast for NBC 4.  Moyer and the station will announce future plans as they are decided.

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