Pico Rivera

Vicente Fernández Street May Be Coming to Pico Rivera

The city wants to honor the place where the Mexican legend performed in Southern California: the Pico Rivera Sports Arena.

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The city of Pico Rivera wants to honor the legacy of Mexican singer Vicente Fernández and his effect on Southern Californians by possibly renaming a street after the late legend.

"To honor Vicente's legacy, the Çity is looking into the possibility of renaming Sports Arena [Drive] to Avenida Vicente, Fernandez, a very appropriate action given that 'Don Chente' played the Pico Rivera Sports Arena and entertained residents and others numerous times," the City of Pico Rivera said via Twitter and Facebook.

City of Pico Rivera

The city is aiming to pay tribute to all the concerts the Mexican singer held at the Pico Rivera Sports Arena.

Other remembrances have been planned for the late Mexican icon. In Huentitán, of Guadalajara, Mexico, there is discussion of changing Paseo Zoológico Avenue to honor Fernández.

Fernández died Dec. 12 after years of health struggles. He was laid to rest at his ranch near the city of Guadalajara, his family said.

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