Video Gaming Isn't Just for Boys

More and More Women are Getting into the Cyber-Arena, and One Woman is Leading the Charge

When Nintendo wanted to draw heat to a new game, and their DSI XL gaming system, they called on Trina Schwimmer from Marina Del Rey.

Schwimmer was recently named one of the most influential women in gaming by Fast Company Magazine, and it all started with sibling rivalry.

"My brother and I both played together. Playing as I grew up I realized, I'm the only female in the room playing and I've got a bunch of dudes around me. It's all right, but sometimes you want some more females with you," according to Trina Schwimmer, from

So Trina turned to what she knew best, the computer, and created her own website to find that community of gamers she just knew was out there. Women like her. Now is an international go to site for like gendered competitors.

"I was drawn to the Transformers and Voltron, and playing video games my first console was the Atari 2600. I just loved getting in there. Pong was amazing," said Trina Schwimmer, from

"We have a really nice relationship together, so I'm really excited when I get to work with Trina on anything, because I know, guaranteed that when I'm with her I'm going to have a good time," according to Criz Lee of "There's going to be no drama, no sadness. It's going to be nothing but fun and giggles, and I'm going to so kick her butt."

But true to her new title and her rep among gamers, Trina bounced rival and friend Crix Lee in the first round of matches set up to promote Photo Dojo today, the game that comes out next Monday.

"The game is all about fighting and creating your own fighters, so the best part is you can create whatever you want to be your own fighter, basically by taking 13 pictures, recording your own sounds," said Krysta Wang, Nintendo Spokesman. "A bunch of different customizable features to create your own fighter, and then you just do battle royal."

Downloads of Photo Dojo will be free for the first month.

Meantime Trina is hoping that GamingAngels will soon be as financially profitable as it has been personally and professionally rewarding.

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