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Caught on Camera: Family Chases Bulldog Puppy Thieves in North Hollywood

Security camera video captured the scuffle after three people showed up at Ana Vásquez's North Hollywood home.

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Police are looking for two men who stole a couple of bulldog puppies from a North Hollywood family after assaulting one of the owners in a violent assault that was caught on camera.

Ana Vásquez fought against one of the attackers in the theft of her two puppies last Friday at her residence.

“Then he comes and hits me again and when I see that he hits me, I run to the door, close the door, and he throws the puppy out the window," said Vásquez.

The series of events leading to the theft and assault began when a woman contacted the family to ask to see the puppies with the idea of ​​adopting one, according to Vásquez. In security camera video, Vasquez can be seen walking in with the woman, who was expected to be alone.

She wasn't alone for long.

A little later, a man who is supposed to be the woman's brother arrived. After entering the house, the man brought a third individual who, as shown in the images, was wearing a light colored hood.

"Two men plus the girl entered my house, the second man pushed my wife, grabbed a puppy, and gave it to the other guy who ran away," said Ana Vásquez's husband, Osvaldo Vásquez.


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In chaotic security camera video, one man can be seen carrying a puppy like a football as he runs from the residence. Moments later, a second man is seen scuffling with family members before breaking free and scooping another puppy up from the ground on his way out the door.

Vásquez was terrified and tried to prevent them from fleeing, but the men managed to escape.

“I thought about my daughter because she was in the other room and the only thing I yelled at my daughter was, 'Don't come out, don't come out!' When I see that he throws my puppy and the other man grabs him,” Vásquez explained.

Authorities took a suspect into custody. She was identified as 24-year-old Crystal Valdez. But police are still looking for the other individuals who can be seen in the video.

"A puppy can cost anywhere from $3,200 to $5,000," Osvaldo said. "The puppy that we offered that girl to adopt cost $5,000."

The Vásquez family says that social networks are a great medium where these puppies and thieves can be found so they ask the public to be alert and to contact Los Angeles police if they see anything suspicious.

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