Vigil Held in Fullerton for Homeless Man

A second Councilman Calls for Resignation of Police Chief

Members of Act Now to Stop War and End Racism, or ANSWER, began a protest Saturday morning calling for the resignation of Fullerton police chief in response to the July 5 beating of a homeless man.

The group is also calling for the six officers involved in the brutal beating of 37-year-old Kelly Thomas to be disciplined.

A candlelight vigil was also held Friday night in Fullerton to rememberThomas who died five days after the run-in with police.

Hundreds of people turned out to the vigil, many expressing outrage over the events that lead to Thomas' death.

Fullerton Councilman Bruce Whitaker called for Chief of Police, Michael Seller's resignation. He is the second council member to do so.

Whitaker said the chief has failed to do his job in many ways.  

"I believe he’s failed me in a couple ways," said Whitaker. "First internally by not providing information so I can do my job properly.  The other by remaining silent."

Kelly Thomas was a homeless man, diagnosed as mentally ill.

Witnesses say police used tasers and a flashlights to beat him.

He died five days later.

Whitaker says for the city council to take action against Cheif Sellers, a majority of the 5-member council would have to vote to oust him.

In the meantime, the Orange County District Attorney's office is investigating whether the six officers involved used excessive force.

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