Vigil Held to Remember Slain Homeless Man

Dozens of people gathered Wednesday for a memorial service to a homeless man gunned down on the Venice Boardwalk over the weekend.

Friends of 26-year-old Jascent-Jamal Warren said he was an up-and-coming rapper whose life was cut too short. They played music as they remembered the man they called "Shakespeare the wordsmith."

They are shocked that he is dead.

"It's beyond cold blooded," said Paul Goldstein, the victim's friend. "We're not bothering anyone."

A motel owner has been charged in connection with his slaying.

Prosecutors say Sris Sinnathamby, the owner of the Cadillac Hotel, wasn't holding the gun that killed Warren about 2 a.m. Sunday but may have directed the attack, which followed an unknown dispute. Sinnathamby has pleaded not guilty in the case.

Witnesses said it began when group of homeless people had gathered outside the hotel at 8 Dudley Avenue.

Another man was shot in the leg and Sinnathamby suffered a head injury in the incident.

Now friends are demanding more action against the suspect. Supporters of Warren have started an online petition to the Venice Neighborhood Council to strip the owner of the motel where the shooting happened Sunday.

A community group said the killing is an example of what could be prevented by enforcing an ordinance that did not allowed people to sleep, sit or lie on a public street or sidewalk during the nighttime and overnight hours.

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